Megan & Aidan

Very good friend Dan Tomarchio asked me if I would photograph his sons wedding in Townsville. Dan is a really good photographer so I was honoured to oblige. The day was fantastic and so wonderful to spend time with his loving family. The bride Megan put a lot of thought and time into the details and props for the photoshoot. She wanted me to do the "sparkler thing" at twilight which I have started to do again. I remember now why I put the sparklers away a few years ago. I love the results but sometime in the fun of the moment things get a little out of control. So yep my greatest fear was realized when the wedding dress caught fire. Megan was having such a great time it didn't seem to faze her at all apart from a couple of screams while a groomsman stamped it out - what a gal!! I not sure if her mum was all that impressed though :-(