2012 Year in Review

Wow what a year it has been - mark 2012 down for some exciting changes and movement afoot. It all started with producing some prints on rag paper of my iPhone images during the summer break. I quickly realised that I had a potential exhibition on my hands and fortunately the Perc Tucker Gallery could fit me in for a March opening. The work was well received and I managed to get some press, radio and magazine publicity along with two very nice commissions. Plans are now underway for 2 and maybe 3 shows in 2014 - watch this space.

My wedding work has had a complete revamp through the year with a new album supplier QUEENSBERRY and a new look to my images thanks to VSCO.

Queensberry produce the most beautiful wedding albums that my clients are really loving plus they do all the design and production which frees up my days so I can spend more time out shooting. They're wonderful people to deal with and I'm looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Visual Supply Co. have developed a range of processing profiles to give a subtle "film look" to digital files. Processing 100's of RAW files has become fun again :-). They also have developed a clever system of keyboard short cuts for processing and retouching. Just in the nick of time for me as I was starting to develop RSI from overuse of the mouse.

Its also been a big year for the outdoors. I completed the Thorsbourne Trail on Hitchinbrook Island at Easter, ran in two half marathons including a sub 2 hour at the Townsville Running Festival. And have recently returned from a wonderful trip to Tasmania which included climbing Cradle Mountain on the most perfect bluebird day you could imagine with Amelia Lewis.

Whats on the cards for 2013?

Finish public art project for the Townsville Hospital - iPhone images of the coast from Torres Strait to Mackay.

Work on retro exhibition with expired polaroid 665 black and white emulsion.

Attend "The Event" in Hobart followed by winter walk from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair.

And lots, lots more.


Enough chat - here are some images from 2012.....

Megan & Aidan

Very good friend Dan Tomarchio asked me if I would photograph his sons wedding in Townsville. Dan is a really good photographer so I was honoured to oblige. The day was fantastic and so wonderful to spend time with his loving family. The bride Megan put a lot of thought and time into the details and props for the photoshoot. She wanted me to do the "sparkler thing" at twilight which I have started to do again. I remember now why I put the sparklers away a few years ago. I love the results but sometime in the fun of the moment things get a little out of control. So yep my greatest fear was realized when the wedding dress caught fire. Megan was having such a great time it didn't seem to faze her at all apart from a couple of screams while a groomsman stamped it out - what a gal!! I not sure if her mum was all that impressed though :-(