Another One Bites The Dust

Ok so here I am at the end of another wedding season and its now finally time to admit that I am obviously no blogger. I seem to manage one post per year - the ubiquitous end of year wrap up. Same goes for 2017 and 2016 - scroll down to see my point…

So what gives Andy?

Well I always seem to be busy with current work and the stuff of life. Plus I’m going through something of a reassessment of the whole social media universe that has crept into our daily lives. Do we all really need to be so connected with our screens, likes, comments, twitter, facebook, Instagram blah blah blah. Problem is as a freelancer its a great way to promote myself and get work. So no doubt it’s important for business but to be honest I would much prefer going for a ride on my bike or reading a book.

Anyway enough of that...

Massive thanks to all my clients and lets all have a great Christmas and New Year.

As for next year some changes afoot - its time for me to swap cameras and jump onto a mirrorless system. Fuji X- Pro2 looks like the perfect setup suited to my style and I absolutely love the colour and rendition of the X-Trans sensors - who doesn’t love a new camera and some cracking lenses?

And Thats Another Wrap

Well where did the last two years go???

Long time no blog Andy...

Anyway finally on the last Friday before Christmas I get to go through the last two years of weddings and put together a collection of some favorite moments. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my wonderful clients who have given me the pleasure to witness and be a part of your special day.

Thats a Wrap...

Well that was quick.

It seems like only a few short months ago I was climbing up and down the frozen mountains of Japan with Amelia in early 2015. On returning in mid February its been non stop with weddings, commercial shoots, a couple of exhibitions plus a move to my new studio in Hermit Park. I also bagged a couple of silver awards at the APPA's which puts me within striking distance of gaining my "Master of Photography" accreditation with the AIPP. 

My new studio is going to be awesome :-). Its a converted church - tons of room to shoot portraits with a gorgeous high ceiling enabling me to put my lights up where I want them. After the holiday break in late January I'll be posting some portrait package specials to kick off 2016 and the new studio.

Anyway here is a selection of some favorite wedding images from this year. Thank you so much to all my wonderful clients who trust in my work. Every booking means a great deal to me.

Thank you Thank you THANK YOU...

Vintage Weddings

I've been asked by a potential client to put together some examples of vintage wedding images. Thought I'd add to my productivity and also throw these up on my blog for all to see. Vintage in weddings is really just a matter of styling with props, lots of lace and maybe a couple of old cars. My processing in lightroom for these images uses number of colour adjustments to enhance the vintage feel. Wedding styles are constantly evolving and changing - hipster, retro, indie, classic, glamour etc. The one classic style that always seems to work is vintage.